The Librarian in Winter

You may think that someone who spends a great deal of time indoors for their job would spend even more time indoors in winter when the weather isn't so good. But that's only if they don't ski or participate in other winter sports. Besides, as the picture above of Mount Shasta proves, many of our winter days here in California are, well, nice.

But of course evenings may find the librarian in winter happily lounging by the fire with book in hand. And that's good too.

Winter is typically when my travel schedule relents and I can stay at home with family, or go on family ski outings. But this year my travel schedule heats up early in February, with the Federated Search Symposium put on by The Alberta Library in Calgary. Brrrrrr. This California weather wimp will be sure to bundle up for that one.

Also in February the code4lib folks, myself included, are putting on our first conference, Code4Lib 2006. A library geekfest for sure. If you know a regex from a subroutine, this is your gig. Be there out of the loop.

By then we're nearly to March, by which time Californians are already seeing the first signs of spring. Yes, tax time approaches and the daffodils are out. Hey, I never said it was all bread and roses.

Yosemite Valley in winter

Yosemite Valley in winter.